Lead Logistics

At Kings we partner our established infrastructure with other logistics providers to offer an integrated end-to-end logistics solution.

Our logistics services can minimise the complexity of the supply chain, allowing our customers to focus solely on their core business.

Our vast operational network and industry expertise is seamlessly integrated into existing customer systems and offerings to provide a professional, complementary service alliance.
If a business has reached a scale where it is no longer possible or practical to manage their own logistics we can offer a solution. Maybe the supply chain has become too large or complex to be handled by anything less than an expert? Kings lead logistics enables our customers to focus on their core functions and strategic priorities, and leave the supply network to us. We have the capability to manage all parts of the supply chain, including transportation, inventory management, delivery to the customer, and more.

Courier and Taxi Trucks

Kings provides reliable urgent on-demand couriers and taxi truck services within local metropolitan areas.
Our team reviews the specific transport needs to optimise and dispatch vehicles with qualified drivers accordingly. Our range of vehicles includes vans, taxi trucks, semi-trailers and utes.
Kings provides a quick, reliable courier solution that you can trust. Our vehicles are well maintained and are equipped with GPS tracking technology.
We have taxi trucks available for small jobs or express pallet delivery. The King’s fleet of taxi trucks is varied in size and capabilities. So we can find the right courier or taxi truck service from our fleet for each job.

Line Haul

Line Haul may be only one component of the delivery process but it is one of the most important and complex components.
We can assist current or prospective customers with line haul as part of a broader service offering.
Through our trusted partners we offer:

Multi Modal

Kings operates Australia Wide, providing comprehensive logistics solutions through multiple channels such as Air, Road and Sea.

The advantages of multimodal transportation are extensive, companies and businesses use this mode of transport because it is a win-win for the carriers and the customers.

Its simplicity in the contract and the cargo flexibility makes it an efficient and cost effective solution.
Contact us today to discuss how we can best serve your business with multimodal logistics solutions to ensure ease of delivery and reduce freight costs.

Project Logistics

Kings offer the logistics management associated with particular projects. It includes the planning, execution, and supervision of transport.
Project logistics provides safe and efficient transportation to the construction site for a specific project.
At Kings we have the capacity to complete transport projects that are more complex, extensive, more challenging and often more oversized than average.
Our expertise at Kings assures a safe execution and smooth achievement of project targets.
Whether our customers need to move parts for industrial equipment, heavy machinery or complete production sites, we have the expertise regarding best available transport routes. We also ensure that the loading is handled safely and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book your courier service via our job ordering system which is available on the website or via a phone / tablet application.
Tracking is done via sms and in the online portal, this includes providing authority for your delivery to be left in a safe place.
We have the capability to manage all parts of a business’s supply chain, including transportation, inventory management, delivery to the customer, and more.