Kings logistics solutions in transport and warehousing are offered across numerous market sectors.
We are proud of the high-level of performance our teams offer our customers in each sector. As we continue to grow our national footprint, we will focus on providing innovative and dynamic service, and high quality solutions to our customers in the following sectors.

Consumer Goods and Home Delivery

Consumer Goods

Kings provides industry-leading transport and logistics for consumer goods in a number of industries including Homewares, Electronics, Automotive and Spare parts.
We are focused on contributing to the growth and optimised operations for these industries.
Kings firmly believe that the ‘Voice of Customer’ truly is king. Our operations and account management teams collaborate with our customers to ensure the very best customer experience.
We will continue to build our B2C reputation and capabilities with technology innovations and leading customer service.

Home Delivery Services

Kings partner with a number of blue-chip clients to provide customised B2C home delivery services.
We use leading edge technology to provide a full spectrum of visibility and mobility metrics dependent on our client’s needs. (For example, we offer GPS, track and trace, electronic and photo PODs, in-cab and load cameras and geo-fencing).

Core Strengths in Contract Logistics

We strive for excellence in contract logistics and believe we thrive in the following areas:

Kings are your...

· Supply chain partners
· Distribution Logistics Specialists
· Logistics Manager
· Technology Leaders
· Safety Excellence Leaders
· 3PL & 4PL Transportation Provider
· 3PL Warehousing Provider

What we do well

· Identify bottlenecks
· Remove unnecessary costs
· Measure change achievement
· Improve productivity
· Initiate technology transformations.
· Manage and lead safety
· Build powerful partnerships


Kings work with a number of large retailers across Australia such as Woolworths, Ikea, and Bunnings. We have harvested an extremely efficient process that allows our retailers to trust that we will maintain and deliver their goods in a safe and efficient way.

Kings is a logistics provider that has the capabilities to deliver the right solutions and add value to your specific supply chain strategy. This sector is extremely competitive and fast-paced and we thrive under those circumstances. We focus on delivering a positive customer experience, every time.

Kings offer retail logistics with minimal delays in delivery. As we work with blue chip retailers we understand that the success of a retailer is largely dependent on the relationship with their customers. We ensure the smooth delivery of goods in order to meet customer demand and help maintain good inventory management. Kings are extremely customer focused,and understand that to provide successful retail logistics solutions we must ensure the smooth flow of goods to consumers via efficient and effective supply chain management. There is a strong focus on growth and learning in this space as we continue to work collaboratively with our retailers to deliver excellence.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Kings are industry experts in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We understand the time constraints involved with moving around these products and act accordingly.
We have done so by implementing fast and efficient processes and through the use of our leading edge technology solutions. This gives us our very best chance of moving products to where they are supposed to be and within the agreed window.
We guarantee full accessibility to our FMCG to ensure we can carry out efficient order processing. Our commitment to prioritising safety means we have implemented ideal transportation and storage conditions.

Health and Pharmaceutical

Kings has a long-standing presence within the health and wellness industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. We provide experienced logistic services and solutions across Healthcare Logistics. We are committed to delivering to promise, encompassing B2B and servicing B2C.
Kings is proud to partner with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and industry leader, Sigma Healthcare to provide distribution solutions with a commitment to emerging market services and technologies.It is important to us to leverage professional relationships as well as focus on building and maintaining powerful partnerships with other brands we align closely with.

Core Strengths in Health Care Logistics

We strive for excellence in contract logistics and believe we thrive in the following areas:

What we do well

· Identify bottlenecks
· Remove unnecessary costs
· Measure change achievement
· Improve productivity
· Initiate technology transformations.
· Manage and lead safety
· Build powerful partnerships

Steel and Construction Materials

Kings is a partner that is commercially sustainable and competitive at a local level. We work with businesses to consistently identify operational efficiencies and cost optimisation through a national network.
Understanding the requirements of the steel and materials sector has enabled us to create a flexible and industry-specific suite of services with safety at its core. We optimise resource transport and as always everything we do is supported by strict safety and compliance processes.
From our experience in the steel and construction materials sector, we have developed a sustainable and competitive offer for the following reasons:
High Safety and compliance standards
Kings are a supplier with robust safety and compliance systems. This helps to mitigate risk and exposure now and in the future.
Flexible sustainable fleet
Kings ensure high fleet utilisation, efficiency. We have the capability to supply ad-hoc vehicles to ensure seasonal variability and fluctuations in daily volume.
Strong commercial offer
Kings offers a competitive commercial model that is simple to administer and provides clear benefits to the business.
Improved customer experience
The customer experience is key to BlueScope business, and incremental improvements strengthen market share and strategic partnerships with key customers.
Leading edge technology
Kings has a reliable and robust technology platform which aids dispatch and transport planning, delivery tracking and management of key performance indicators. We are also constantly seeking innovative ways to use technology to drive operational and cost improvements.
With safety underpinning all we do, Kings continue to grow its capabilities and improve its customer experience in this sector.
We actively invest in a safe and successful future for our customers. For example, we are investing in fleet replenishment which will service our industrial customers, working in steel distribution. The fleet will be used to support the construction industry allowing for the safe and efficient transport of steel and other construction materials.

Resources and Industrial

Kings understand that resources and industrial customers have unique requirements, and our customised logistics solutions are tailor made for these sectors.
With a recognised presence and long tenure in the resources and industrial sectors, Kings is a trusted partner with blue chip customers such as Castrol, SA Power Networks, Endeavor Energy, Elgas, Coregas, SA Power Networks and Bunnings Trade.
Resources & Industrial
At Kings we efficiently and safely transport a variety of industrial products. We also have the capability to transport those that require special handling.
Kings commitment to invest in fully customised fleet solutions provides our resources and industrial customers comfort that they will have access to a reliable, well maintained and fit for purpose fleet of specifically designed vehicles.
Our Commitment to Sustainability

Find out how we are minimising our environmental footprint and prioritising the safety of our people and communities in which we operate.