Safety & Social

Kings has a strong commitment to creating a Safety Always culture.

Ensuring the safety of all stakeholders is the upmost priority of our daily operations. Our dedicated safety team proactively engages our workforce with specialised video training tools, frequent fit for work and compliance testing and incident response management.

“The future of our business is dependant upon how we deliver value to our customers using new technologies.

Safety and Compliance

Safety Always

Kings have a strong commitment to creating a Safety Always culture; ensuring the safety of all stakeholders is the greatest priority of our daily operations.
Kings commitment to Safety Always is powered by:
Culture and the way we do business
An engaged and accountable workforce with shared safety beliefs, values and attitudes.
Hazard Identification and Risk Management
Underpinned by strong consultation, governed by incident management systems.
A learning and development platform for all staff and drivers. TNA and procedures per site / per partner.
Alignment with all regulatory safety and COR requirements.
ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.
Safety vision
Our vision is to be ‘safe and compliant and always improving.’
We are dedicated to ensuring our transport activities are safe and compliant. We regularly review our methods to make sure they are effective.
Safety commitment
We are committed to meeting our safety duties under the Main Roads Act, applicable Work Health and Safety, and Road Laws (our legal obligations) to ensure our people’s safety and well-being of our partners, and the communities in which we operate.
We do this by guiding and supporting our people and our partners in using best practice methods for making sure our transport activities are as safe as reasonably practicable at all times.
Safety Culture
We drive safe and compliant behaviours from the top-down, fostering a strong safety and compliance culture. Our people and our partners value our transport activities’ safety above all else, are well trained in best practice methods, and are supported to do their best.
We are strongly committed to ensuring anyone who is in a position to control or influence our transport activities, meets, and wherever possible, exceeds their legal obligations. Above all else, it contributes to the safety of our transport activities.
Safety and Compliance System
Kings’ safety and compliance system is a web-based system dedicated to providing managers, supervisors, safety specialists, and those who have control or influence over health and safety with a clear understanding of critical risks and issues, to empower them to mobilise resources to mitigate, and wherever possible eliminate risk to health and well-being.
Certified System
Underpinning all Kings systems is our quality certification (ISO 9001:2015) ensuring our customers receive:
focus on the customer and improving service


addressing risks and opportunities
resources, people, infrastructure, competence, communication and documented information
resources, people, infrastructure, competence, communication and documented information
requirements of products and services; Customer communication
Performance Evaluation
Customer satisfaction; management review inputs and outputs and internal audits, corrective action and continual improvement

Social Responsibility

Commitment to People First

At Kings, we are dedicated to our People First commitment and ensuring our employees feel valued and appreciated so we have partnered with Perkbox.
The Perkbox platform gives our employees access to a range of different perks, and wellness resources, and is a place where all employees can recognise each other’s achievements.

“We are heavily invested in the health and well-being of our employees, and we know now more than ever, how much strain and pressure is on our country’s supply chain,”

Barry Thompson

Kings Group CEO