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Kings has a long standing presence in the Transport & Logistics market, employing industry experts to manage our vast network of vehicles and equipment, skilled operators and integrated value added solutions for safety, technology and customer service.



Kings engages over 1800 drivers across Australia and New Zealand with operations centralised around capital cities. Our contractor fleet varies in size from bike couriers and vans to semi-trailers, whilst our company fleet is comprised of client dedicated and custom-designed equipment. Our 3PL operations are based in Victoria with a national warehousing footprint.



Kings technology solutions enable visibility to our clients, providing better management, tracking and delivery of inventory. Business intelligence is accessible through cloud based applications and integration with existing business systems.



Kings has a strong commitment to creating a Safety Always culture; ensuring the safety of all stakeholders is the upmost priority of our daily operations. Our dedicated safety team proactively engages our workforce with specialised video training tools, frequent fit for work and compliance testing and incident response management.



Since our 1991 establishment, Kings has successfully grown from a localised Melbourne operation to employee over 800 staff and 1300 contractors across the Australasian region. Our expertise in designing and operating transport and logistics services is partnered with a strong people first mantra and proven excellence in management, operations, administration, support and sales functions.


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